The Quarantine Train is a writers’ collective dedicated to the preservation, creation, critique, and appreciation of poetry from around the world. The mission is to

  • Build a cohort of like-minded albeit diverse poets and find unique, innovative, and path-breaking ways to better craft
  • Create regular virtual and offline platforms for sustained interaction and learning  among poets and poetry enthusiasts
  • Ideate and execute one-of-its-kind artiste recognition initiatives such as awards for poets and other creatives
  • Engage with doyens of the craft, allied arts, and artistes consistently so as to build vibrant intellectual exchange
  • Sustain a movement that every member can truly make their own
  • Make belonging possible by simply encouraging being

What began as a moment to offer solidarity to poets during the time of quarantine quickly became a movement devoted and fully committed to all things poetry. This is movement in the times of stagnation, camaraderie in the time of social distancing, the unmasking of the superficial in order to unearth the makings of a true artiste.