The workshop has a diverse membership, both national and international. Ranging from 18 to 70 years of age, there is a cosmopolitan mix of poets, writers, and scholars, both emerging and accomplished, interacting in a learning environment that thrives on sharing ideas, creative conversations, and a spirit of adventure.

The Quarantine Train is committed to diversity in membership, in the work that members produce, and in the content of the workshops. The workshops aim to include, analyse, and produce work written in various languages, work which bends generic boundaries and which originates from varied histories, locales, and people from different avenues of life.

For each session, members will receive a Zoom meeting invitation prior to the scheduled session. There is also a members-only private Facebook group.

A public Facebook page is available for members and non-members alike wherein regular updates, podcasts, recordings of past sessions, and other creative initiatives are frequently updated.


The Quarantine Train’s session are safe spaces and there is zero tolerance for harassment. Adherence to the following is expected from all members:

  • Mutual respect
  • Conversations relevant and curated to art, culture, and literature on all community forums and during sessions
  • Regular and active participation
  • Curiosity
  • Motivation
  • Cooperative spirit to further learning
  • Confidentiality of discussion

Administrators reserve the right to modify events/topics and might remove inactive or irregular members or those who violate policies and expectations. Please read our policies and community guidelines to gain a better understanding.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Quarantine Train follows a strict Zero Tolerance Policy with regards to harassment of any kind. TQT is committed to being a safe space for everyone irrespective of personal experiences, race, religion, caste, national or social origin, sexual orientation, gender, or political views. All members are encouraged to honour each others’ differences, privacy, and boundaries so that it can truly be a space free of fear, bullying, and hurt or harm of any kind.

If any member of the group behaves untowardly with another, the administrators will intervene. Such behaviour may include repeatedly and invasively commenting on a member’s social media, initiating casual communication if and when the other party is disinterested, invading someone’s privacy or personal life and time, putting them in awkward situations in other ways or for other reasons.

If healthy, consensual personal relationships develop outside of the workshop, that is the personal matter of the members. However, if any member of the group feels threatened or has a cause to complain against another, they are encouraged to message Arjun Rajendran (Curator) or Sivakami Velliangiri (Co-curator). Being part of TQT does not absolve anyone of misbehaviour, even past misbehaviours outside or before joining TQT. Instead, the workshop strives to assure that a safe space is provided to all.